CF Eats connects customers to the growing options of food pickup and delivery service apps serving CF centres.

Ravel by CF transforms the food court by bringing it online, helping customers easily find the pickup and delivery ordering options their favourite CF restaurants offer, all in one place.

Who we helped:

200+ restaurants and food court outlets across 34 CF properties signed up to participate in CF Eats. This helpful solution was built to support restaurants’ transition to providing new delivery and takeout services, while keeping communities safe amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

The challenge:

The pandemic shook the food industry. While much of the world was under quarantine or in total lockdown due to COVID-19, food pickup and delivery service apps became a growing part of people’s everyday routines. Consumers were forced to navigate between different digital apps and websites to find and order from their favourite mall-based restaurants, so restaurants needed a way to transition from the traditional physical dining experience to the emerging food pickup and delivery ordering process.

How we helped:

Ravel by CF created CF Eats to help customers find the food they crave by consolidating all the food ordering options available to them from nearby CF shopping centres and CF office properties. In building a virtual food court website dedicated to CF restaurants, CF Eats created a quick, simple, and intuitive ordering experience that made it easy for CF’s many restaurants to reach new and existing customers. On CF Eats, restaurants are linked directly to an online platform that clearly identifies on which apps CF food retailers can take orders. Participation is free of charge for any CF-based restaurant tenant, and CF Eats is marketed to customers across CF’s digital channels across, the CF Insider newsletter, the LiVE by CF app , and CF’s social media postings.


From the October 2020 launch through to the end of March 2021 there have been over 48K site visitors with an average of 10% of visits resulting in a click through to a restaurant’s ordering link.


“In challenging times such as these, increased awareness for our stores is a bonus, especially with mall brands. This additional level of exposure allows our brands to continue to be top of mind for mall consumers and local residents.” - MTY Group - ManchuWOK, Koryo Korean BBQ, Koya Japan