Ravel empowered Kiehl’s physical retail presence with smart digital tactics.

Who Ravel helped

Kiehl’s, an American cosmetics brand that specializes in high-quality skin and hair care products started in 1851 as a single pharmacy in Manhattan. Today, Kiehl’s has over 250 retail locations across the globe and over 50 stores in Canada.

Challenge for Ravel

Kiehl’s is a non-traditional advertising brand that has relied on word-of-mouth to grow their business over the last 169 years. While staying true to their brand, and not leveraging conventional “advertising” channels, Kiehl’s was looking for an authentic and organic way to introduce their brand to new customers

How Ravel helped

Ravel served up a special offer to people that were near the Kiehl’s location to drive them in-store for samples and consultations. This not only led to a spike in sales but also a secured a number of new and qualified leads.

Ravel Results

With a time-based, location-specific offer served up exclusively through our Cadillac Fairview customer-facing app, Ravel delivered an outstanding 48% conversion rate - attracting new customers that have never purchased Kiehl’s previously, and whose average first-time purchase value was higher than returning customers.

“Ravel’s tech with the notifications and alerts about our deals was genius!” – Zachary Pearse